Custom aluminum doormats

Customized and ideal for every architectural space


Building entrance is considered to be the most representative part of the facilities, as they give the first impression to the visitor when entering any architectural space. For this reason, and for its purpose, they have to combine both design and functionality. Over 80% of all indoor pollution is a result of dirt carried inside the space trough its entrances. Our doormat systems, designed and customized by the clients themself, represent first, and main defense against dirt, whether it being water, snow, rain, mud or dirt, depending of custom combination of cleaning elements. Durable aluminum profiles provide durability of the system, and its design provides easy access for cleaning, maintenance and servicing. Our doormat systems are suitable both for commercial and residential areas, as well as areas with high pedestrian traffic. Practical, easy to install and maintain, our doormat system are necessary addition to any area.