Control joints for floors

Functionality and durability


Control joints for floors, made from aluminum or inox, with EPDM insert, are designed for bigger floor surfaces and surfaces with high mechanical load. Profiles are suitable for ceramics, marble, stone, and also, in our assortment we offer exclusive profiles only 2mm in height for installation in epoxy, PVC or vinyl. Main function of these systems is to prevent cracks in the floor surface, that will occur as a result of floor movement due to temperature differences. If the floor surface is larger than 50m2, cracks on the surface of the floor, due to its movement, is inevitable without appropriate protection. Control joint systems with elastic and durable EPDM, can absorb this movement and tensions in the floor, and eliminate them, thus providing adequate floor protection. As addition, these systems efficiently prevent transfer of sound and vibration, as well as protection of the edges of flooring (e.g. ceramic, marble, stone). Production technology provides premium quality and durability of the system, and EPDM used in our profiles is highly resistant to any damage that may be cause by everyday traffic, as well as by using aggressive cleaning utensils.